Zentel Syrup Tablets Suspension (Albendazole) Uses Dosage Side Effects

Zentel Syrup Tablets Suspension (Albendazole) Uses Dosage Side Effects

When we talk about Zentel Syrup or Tablets it contains a very useful and one of the best medicine to treat all type of parasitic worm infections the drug named Albendazole. Meanwhile i want to also told you that in some regions Albendazole is also known as Albendazolum Drug. It first developed and introduced in year 1975. It is categorized as a broad spectrum anthelminthic medicine agent of the benzimidazole type. Most importantly Albendazole is also included in the World Health Organization List Of The Essential Medicines. If any of the users do not understand the full details may translate it with any translate to urdu, hindi or arabic languages easily.

Moreover, Zentel Tablets 400 MG are in white or off white color with a circular shape, shallow, biconvex, beveledged, and film coated with a small pentagonal pyramid on all the tablet’s face written 200 MG Albendazole On the other hand, when we discuss about the Zentel Syrup Suspension for for kids it is a white colored liquid with orange flavored suspension in it. Meanwhile each 5 ML of the packing contains 200 MG of Albendazole in it.

Zentel Syrup Tablets Suspension

Zentel Syrup Tablets Suspension Uses & Indications

Before starting any medicine you must first talk to your doctor or pharmacist as its only he/she who would decide the use of any life saving medicine in specific conditions. Meanwhile, Zentel Syrup Suspension For Kids is a benzimidazole carbamate with anthelmintic and anti protozole activity used against the intestinal and tissue parasites problems and symptoms like

  • RoundWorm (Ascaris Lumbricoides)
  • PinWorms (Enterobius Vermicularis)
  • HookWorms (Necator Americanus and Ancylostoma Duodenale)
  • WhipWorms (Trichuris Trichiura)
  • ThreadWorm (Strongyloides Stercoralis))
  • TapeWorms (Taenia Spp and Hymenolepis Nana only in the case when its associated with parasitism)
  • Chlonorchiasis (Chlonorchis Sinensis)
  • Opisthorchiasis (opisthorchis Viverrini)
  • Cutaneous Larva Migrans and Giardiasis (G Lamblia, G Duodenalis, G Intestinalis, Lamblia Intestinalis) only in children’s.

Mainly the doctors prescribe the medicine in two main categorize patients. Which include the Neurocysticercosis Patients and the Hydatid Patients disease. Meanwhile both of these includes more symptoms which only a doctor and pharmacist may analyze before starting the use of zentel as well as its dose for child and adults.

  • It used for the treatment of all type of whipworms infections which caused by Trichuris Trichiura Strain.
  • Used for the treatment of HookWorm Infections which caused by ancylostoma duodenal strains and nector americanus viruses.
  • Doctors also advise using zentel CVS for the pinworm infections which caused by the enterobius vermicularis strains.
  • These type of bendazole drugs used for the treatment of roundworms infection mainly caused by the ascaris lumbricoides strains.

Zentel Syrup

Ingredients Used In Zentel Albendazole Syrup Medicine Formula

  • Lactose Monohydrate
  • Maize Starch
  • Microcrystalline Cellulos
  • Magnesium Stearate
  • Sodium Sulphate
  • Povidone
  • Hypromellose
  • Macrogols
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Sodium Starch Glycollates
  • Saccharin Sodiums

Zentel Liquid Syrup Tablets Suspension Dosage For Child, Adults

zentel worm medicine is famous because of its immediate effects and relief it provide in deworming from all type of infections. However your doctor or pharmacist may only decide the exact zentel dosage to use a tabletas or use liquid syrup or suspension dose is different for child, kids, adults in specific symptoms. Meanwhile the dosage of zantal medications either use in the form of 400 mg tablets or use as suspension syrup are as under

Zentel Dosage For RoundWorm, PinWorm, HookWorms, WhipWorms

Dosage Of Zentel For Adults & Children Age Over 2 Years

  • The dose is zentel 400 mg tablets (2 Tablets of zentel 200 mg or use a 400 mg tablet) dosage for adults in a single dose with water.
  • Meanwhile, if the patient is going to use Zentel Liquid Syrup Suspension should use a dosage of 10 ML 4% or 20 ML 2% syrup for deworming the patients adults or children age over two years only in a single dose.

Dosage Of Zentel For Kids Aged 1 to 2 Years

  • If you want to use the zentel medicine in kids age below 2 years the zentel dose for child is 200 mg tablet to use in single dose.
  • Meanwhile, if you want to use the zentel syrup for child which age is 2 years or less the dose is 5 ML 4% or use zentel suspension 10 ML 2% syrup suspension for these kids.
Zantal Dosage For Strongyloidiasis, Taeniasis, Hymenolepiasis

Dose Of Zental For Children And Adults Over 2 Years Of Age

  • If you want to use the zantel albendazole 200 mg or 400 mg tabletas over the counter use only a 400 mg maximum dose as one dose per day for three days only.
Zentel Dose For Chlonorchiasis, Opisthorchiasis

Dose Of Zantel Medication For Children And Adults Age 2 Years Or Above

  • If you are going to use Zentel Deworming tablets in kids, pediatric or adults which aged over 2 years like 3, 4 or 5 years old. You can use a single dose of 400 mg tablet two doses per day for a three days period only.
Zentel Deworming Tablet Dose For Cutaneous Larva Migrans

Dose Of Zentel Over The Counter For Child And Adults Age Over 2 Years

  • Use Zentel over the counter in such child, pediatric and adults aged 3 years old or more is recommended with a maximum dosage of 400 mg per day. However, according to symptoms your doctor may decide to use the tablets from 1 to three days only.
Zentel Deworming Tablet Dosage For Giardiasis

Albendazole Oral Suspension IP Zentel Or Tablets Dosage For Child 2 To 12 Years Of Age

  • If you want to treat any worm symptoms in children or pediatric patients which aged from 2 years old to 12 years old. You must use a 400 mg Zentic tablet or oral suspension ip in a single dose for 5 days only.


You must take the strict measures of hygiene to achieve the objectives if you prescribe the gentle medicine for pinworm infestation treatment. Also you must treat the relative of the patient as well as the people living in the same house with the patients. Meanwhile, if you think there is a case of proven Hymenolepiasis you must initiate a re-treatment of zentel liquid syrup or 200 mg, 400 mg tablets for 10 to 21 days. However, if the pediatric or adults patients is not cured in three week to a month with the use of this best albendazole medicine.

You must start a second course of treatment for such patients with more strict prescriptions and measures. Moreover the fact that how long does albendazole stay in your system will gradually help your system to cure from these worm symptoms and help in deworming process. The syrup of zentel albendazole may also use for the treatment of such symptoms in dogs and cats as well as for other pets.

Zentel Suspension

Zentel Syrup & 200 MG, 400 MG Tablets Contraindications

Firstly you must not initiate and use the zentel tablets or oral suspension syrup in any type of pregnancy. Or even not to use in women who planning to get pregnant. In addition, Albendazole tablets or syrup suspension also contraindicated in patients who are known history of hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients of this deworming medicine.

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Albendazole Medicine Special Populations

Use Of Albendazole Medications For Elderly

The studies conducted shows that the patients with 65 years of age or above in limited reports shows that no dosage adjustment of albendazole tablets required. Meanwhile, you must pass a caution when using the zantil medicine in elderly patients who have any type of hepatic dysfunctions.

Use Of Albendazole Tablets Or Liquid Oral Suspension Syrup In Renal Impairment

There is not need to made any adjustments to in such patients. Most importantly, you must closely monitor such patients for any un usual effects to avoid any damages.

Albendazole Syrup Or Liquid Suspension Syrup Use In Hepatic Impairment

Most important thing to know is that Albendazole medications are a rapidly metabolized by the liver to the primary pharmacologically active metabolite, albendazole sulfoxide, hepatic impairment would be expected to have significant effects on the pharmacokinetics of albendazole sulfoxide medicine. Therefore, patients with abndormal liver function test results prior to the start use of zentel albendazole 200 mg or 400 mg or syrup dose for child and adults during therapy should be closely monitored during the treatment.

Albendazole Syrup & Tablets Warnings And Precautions

First and foremost important thing is that zentel albendazole syrup liquid suspension or cvs should avoid administering during the pregnancy of a women of childbearing age should initiate treatment durignt he first week menstruation or after a negative pregnancy test. Therefore, the treatment with albendazole medicine may uncover pre existing neurocysticercosis particularly in areas with high taenosis infection. So, the patients may face neurological symptoms such as

  • Seizures
  • Increased intracranial pressure
  • Focal signs as a result of an inflammatory reaction caused by death of the parasite with the brain.

Therefore such symptoms may appear soon after the treatment or appropriate steroid and anticonvulsant therapy should be started immediately. On the other hand Zentel Syrup liquid suspension or cvs injections contains the benzoic acid medicine which is a mild irritant to the skin, eyes and mocous membrance can cause some irritation to the patients. It may increase the risk of jaundice in the newborn babies, child kids or pediatric patients.

Albendazole Syrup & Tablets Zentel Use With Other Medicines

Albendazole Zentel oral suspension liquid syrup or tablets are generally praziquantel which as reported to increase the plasma levels of the albendazole active metabolite, Ritonavie, phenytoin, carbarmazepine and phenobarbital may have the potential to reduce plasma concentrations of the active metabolite of albendazole, albendzaole sulfoxide. Meanwhile, the clinical relevance of this deworming medicine & syrup is unknown. But it may decrease efficacy especially in the treatment of systemic helminth infections. Patients should monitored for efficency and may also need the alternative zentel albendazole syrup tablet dose or therapies.

Zentel Albendzaole Syp, Tab Uses During Pregnancy & Lactation

No matter Zentel Albendazole Syp Liquid Suspension or tab 200 and 400 mg compositions are one of the best deworming medicine used all over the world including india, pakistan, united states and uae etc. But its use in pregnant women is contraindicated or do not use in the women who are planning to get pregnant. Moreover, albendazole syp zentil syrop is not known whether it or its metabolites are secreted in the human breast milk while breast feeding your infants. Therefore, its not advised to use during lactation unless the potential benefits of this deworming medicine are more than the side effects.

Albendazole Zentel Tablets Liquid Syrup Suspension Side Effects

Serious Side Effects Of Albendazole Medications Zentel Syrup & Tablets

  • High fever
  • Pain in bones
  • Too much tiredness
  • Breath shortness
  • Pale look
  • Unusual bleedings
  • Skin Yellowing
  • Eyes Yellowing
  • Urine color gets dark
  • Stools color looks light
  • Some throat infections
  • Mouth infections
  • Skin infections
  • Nassal passage infections
  • Blurred vision
  • Unusual human behavior
  • Numbness and weakness

Uncommon Zentel Side Effects For Toodles, Adults

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Hair loss
  • Thinning of hairs
  • Low blood cell count
  • Upper Gastro Intestinal Symptoms
  • Epigatric
  • Abdominal pains
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhoea

Rare Side Effects Of Zental Syrup Drops & Tablets

  • Elevations of hepatic enzymes
  • Hypersensitivity reactions
  • Rashes
  • Pruritis
  • Urticaria

Very Rare Side Effects Of Albendazole Medicine Zentel Plus Syrup

  • Erythema multiforme
  • Stevens Johnson Syndrome

While you are using the zentel albendazole medicine liquid suspension syrup or tablets. And notice any of the said side effects or any other unusual symptoms associated to this worming medicine. You must immediately stop using the medicine. And visit your doctor or pharmacist and tell him about the side effects you are getting from this medicine. As well as ask the question that how long these albendazole zentel side effects lasts for you. As he is the only one who will analyze the symptoms and patients condition to consider. That how long does albendazole zentel medicine ingredients will remain in your system and how to clean them to protect you from any further side effects.

Albendazole Zentel Syrup & Tablets Overdosage Symptoms & Treatment

What is you have take more medicine than your doctor told and what happened after you take more albendazole zentel tablets or syrup than recommended is a big question which many people ask? However, the medicine is well tolerated. But in case of any over dosage some severe symptoms like headache or vomiting may appear but only in some patients. So in the case of zentle over dose you must immediately visit your doctor or to nearby hospital.

How To Use Zentel Albendazole Syrup Liquid Suspension & Tablets

Its only your doctor who have to decide on how to take the zentel albendazole syrup liquid suspension or tablets. As it is recommended to give the tablets or syrup with an empty stomach. But on the other hand, in some cases zentil provide more benefits as the medicine should use after you take the meals and it proves to be the best time to take the syrup or tablets. Most importantly, shake the bottle well before taking any dose. And after insert the tablets out of the packing use it immediately.

How To Store & Protect Zentel Albendazole Tablets Syrup

Store the zentel albendzole best deworming medicine available in tablets form 200 mg and 400 mg and in liquid suspension syrup form of 10 ml and 20 ml below 30 C temperature. On the other hand do not use this medicine after the expiry date. Which is always printed on every packing as it may become a threat to your life. Lastly, protect your kids form any type of harmful effects of this medicine. By keeping the medicine out of the reach of their reach.

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